Tuesday, February 19, 2013

On Horse Shows and Codependency...

I'm back! I'm sure you all survived my absence. Here's what I've been up to....

Friday, I worked from home in the morning (best perk of my job) and then hopped in a car with Homegirl and the other Georgia Tech alumni riders to head to Marion, Alabama for a horse show!

If you knew us all, you'd know how amazing this picture is.

We saw some attractive cars....

Spinners on a Tahoe...

You're not cool unless your rims match your ride.

...ate some dinner, then made it to our hotel, which shall remain nameless. This is because, at 3:30 in the morning, the smoke detector in one of the rooms was triggered by an idiot smoking in a non-smoking room who then tried to put wet towels over the detector, thus damaging it, so the fire alarm went off six times in the next hour and a half. We were grumpy. But we survived and made it to the show grounds, where....

Riding Paco - I dream about this horse all year long.

I won BOTH of my classes. BOTH. And in doing so, secured my spot in the regional competition. For those who care, regionals --> semis --> nationals. This is my ultimate goal, but I digress.


Georgia Tech's undergraduate team took reserve high point team (essentially team 2nd place for the whole show)....

Undergrad cuties and our most excellent coach!

....and we all looked super hot.

Old ladies with our coach!
GT/GSU/Alumni love!

Jessie is now responsible for all pictures of me, ever! FIERCE.

And Homegirl and I took our signature pose picture.

Rhinestone cowgirls!

We journeyed back to Georgia in time for me to see my super sweet man Saturday night and take him to the airport on Sunday, where he flew off to Key West for work. Yeah, I feel real sorry for him, too!

Since then, I have been the world's most codependent life form. Almost immediately, I had drinks with my friend Brooke, dinner with my dad, and then went to Homegirl's for some Judge Judy, a few beers, and some snuggles.

We're writing a book about our relationship...working title, "It's Kinda F***ed Up"

Yesterday was a work holiday for me, so I spent the day with my super-excellent sister-in-law and my cuter-than-your-baby nephew. We took the dogs to the park, had dinner, and watched Sex & the City. It was excellent. Then I went home and got super sad, so I put on boyfriend's t-shirt and cuddled with Lorelai.

Texted this to boyfriend in hopes he'd feel sorry for me and come home early...no dice.

Tonight is a much-needed cleaning and laundry night, so hopefully I'll have something topical for y'all tomorrow. Until then, I hope you enjoyed the breakdown of my weekend. Signing off, codependent and counting the hours til I pick my super sweet man up from the airport.

100 more, for those who are wondering...

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