Friday, February 8, 2013

Fast Five Friday - 5 Cleaning Products I Can't Live Without!

And, it's Friday again! Hope y'all have had a lovely week and have SUPER fun plans for the weekend - I've got a horse show at Chateau Elan, so here's to blue ribbons for me and Homegirl!
Today I thought I'd give y'all a rundown on the five cleaning products that are my must-haves, my go-tos, my "even-if-I'm-poor-I'll-eat-Ramen-to-afford-them" products. Seriously, done it before. Here we go!

1) Bounty Paper Towels
Y'all, my love of Bounty is well-documented. These are simply the best. I've tried store brand (flimsy), I've tried those Kleenex ones (WAY too soft - no scrubbing power), but I always come back to Bounty. They do right by me - namely, they last, they scrub well, and they are not overly expensive for the value. Plus, I save them for cleaning and try to use kitchen towels and hand towels when washing my hands. Otherwise, you'll use them all up. One of the best applications of Bounty is to tear apart individual sheets, fill your sink with hot water and cleaning liquid (we'll get to this), and let the sheets soak, then wring them mostly out and hand-clean your floor. Spotless!

2) Swiffer Dusters
Guys, I know these seem like a way for Swiffer to make more money, but they work. Traps dust really well, takes care of pet hair, smells good, and you can toss it when you're done. Winning.

3) GreenWorks Cleaners
Alright, y'all, I'm not an eco-freak (and I use that term lovingly - hug a tree for me), but I like the idea of natural cleaners that are eco-friendly and safe to use around kids and pets. These puppies fit the bill. The glass cleaner is just as good as Windex, the all-purpose spray is great for anything and smells fantastic, the wipes are great for quick clean-ups, the toilet cleaner is the best, and the bottled cleaner is great for the aforementioned floor cleaning. They smell good, they work, they love the planet. Can't go wrong.

4) Bounce Dryer Sheets
As mentioned a few weeks ago, I make my own laundry soap, which smells nice, but to me, Bounce smells like fresh laundry. I love the way my whole apartment smells when I do laundry, my sheets stay fresh for days, and I even throw one of these puppies in the bottom of my trash can (under the bag) to keep the garbage funk in check. Plus, remember your stinky bar hair? Multipurpose? I think so.

5) Clorox Wipes
Homegirl and I both have the same obsession - surgically sterile kitchens. No one likes food poisoning. These suckers are great for countertop wiping, and they smell super good, too. Plus, if you get sick, you can use them to wipe down your phone, remotes, doorknobs, faucets, etc. (anything you regularly touch) to prevent reinfection. Brilliant!

Alright kids, I'm off to finish up the week in the saddle - hopefully I'll have some pretty ribbons to show for it on Monday. Stay clean!

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