Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Is In The Air...

Y'all, I LOVE Valentine's Day! Even when I've been single, I always love it. Now, I'm not talking the charade of prix fixe menus and overdone floral arrangements, sappy cards, and forced romance. No. Just stop. I'm not a violins and candles kind of girl. I just love the little things. The red and pink in stores. The card I get in the mail from my mom. The idea of a day to make time for love. It's nice. Sue me. I hop on the train willingly and ride it to Love Town. Today, I just want to celebrate things I love:
My pets
My boyfriend
My Homegirl
My family
My apartment
My friends

That's what I'm focused on today. What about you? Are you this?

Or this?
Or this?

This is what I say to you:

Happy Valentine's Day! Cheer the heck UP! If nothing else, candy will be half-price tomorrow! Now that's fun for everyone!

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  1. You're getting crazy with the .gifs! I love it.