Friday, February 1, 2013

Fast Five Friday - 5 Habits You Need!

 It's Friday! Time to spend the next two days dreading Monday, er, enjoying the weekend! Today I've got 5 habits you should get into (and some tips on how to do it). Here we go!

1) Ladies, Go Naked (your face, that is)!
This has always been one of my biggest hang-ups and was really hard to give up. I LOVE makeup as much as the next girl, but some days, you just need a break! Take off your makeup, exfoliate well (I love St. Ives Apricot Scrub - it's one of my longest relationships), and moisturize, then let it be. I promise, you are still beautiful. Also, let go of the idea that a guy or girl you're dating can't see your "nakie face;" if he/she can't handle it, you don't need that in the first place!

Nakie face selfie - Homeslice is a stickler for skincare, too!
LOVE this stuff!

2) Eat Breakfast!
I know it's hard to get up - I'm the queen of a little philosophy I call "LPM" or "last possible minute." I know exactly what time I absolutely must get in the shower (7:30, if you're wondering) and get in the car (7:54) in order to make it to work on time. BUT, I eat breakfast every day. Lately, it's been a Bolthouse juice and Greek yogurt - both on sale at Kroger - but anything goes. Have it on hand in the pantry or fridge so you can grab and go. It beats a drive-thru or worse - going hungry until your lunch break! THE HORROR!!!

Actually in my fridge.

3) Flossing
Yeah, yeah, I know. Dentists belabor this point, you constantly ignore them. But seriously, folks, it takes less than two minutes. Common belief is that it takes a month to make or break a habit. February starts today - make a goal to floss every day in February. Track your progress on your calendar or set an alarm in your phone as a way to remember. This was one of my New Year's resolutions, and I've kept it - every night before bed. Your smile will thank you!


4) Learn to Say "I Can't Afford That"
Good gracious, is this hard! I still struggle with this, but it must be done. We all want to do fun things, but a lot of them cost a good bit of money. If you cannot afford to go out, SAY SO! Your friends should understand, and you can suggest an activity that costs less or is free. Homegirl and myself are SO bad about this sometimes, so we're working on it. We had a "fall fun day" in November - went to the corn maze, spent less than $15 each, and had a BLAST! You can also have a great time cooking at home with friends and playing games, or watching a movie. Tomorrow night is a double date at Homegirl's house - barbacoa tacos and Battle of the Sexes. Total cost for 4 people - less than $20. That's thrifty fun, y'all.

Me and Homegirl - Fall Fun Day 2012 - we ate snowcones!

5) Learn a Skill or Create Something
My super awesome friend Galen posted on this topic in reference to an article run on Cracked, and it bears repeating. DO SOMETHING! We could all easily fall into despair with all the horrors of the world,  or we can make a point to add value to the world, even if it's just some silly or happy energy that comes from it. As for me, well, I'm writing for y'all 5 days a week, and I have a personal goal to add one new skill to my resume by the end of the year (I'm thinking a language or learning a computer program, or maybe some volunteer work). Just decide on something you want to do and get to it!

I'm ready for the weekend! Here in the great state of Georgia, General Beauregard Lee, D.W.P., will be coming out of his mansion at the Yellow River Game Ranch tomorrow - here's hoping for no shadow!!!!

94% accuracy, unlike that Yankee groundhog wannabe!

See y'all Monday!

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