Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What I'm Eating...

It's Tuesday! This weekend was faboosh - merriment, brunching, game nights, and a super fun St. Patrick's Day celebration with family and friends! Although Henry had a little too much fun....

He won't admit he has a problem...

At any rate, I have been fielding questions left and right about my diet plan and how it works, so I thought I would break it down. (Bear in mind, this is my personal situation, and Weight Watchers doesn't know or endorse me, so don't go blaming me later for your choices)

What I'm Doing
I am using the WW points "plus" system. This gives me (for my stats and goals) a daily points maximum and a weekly "extra" points total that I can use. For my body and goals, I get 29 points a day and 49 weekly extra points. This sounds like a lot, at first, but I realized a lot of "healthy" foods were adding up, and some things are almost or actually zero points. For example, my Bolthouse juice? 4 points for 8 ounces! Now, I still drink it, but you best believe it is in a measured 8 ounce serving. The salad I posted the other day was, as I said, only 3 points total, because fruits and veggies are all zero points in raw form. Coffee and Diet Coke also cost me no points, so there are some perks. Also, you get credit in points for exercising - for instance, horseback riding (with tacking and grooming) gives me a 6 point credit.

What I Like
I like having a consistent idea of what I can eat - basically anything - and the idea of monitoring serving size and portion control. I like that I can easily look up point values and know what I'm eating. I like the control, period.

What I Don't Like
Not much, except when I go over my allowance. Ask me in a few weeks....

Typical Days
So here's what I have actually eaten recently:
1 Greek yogurt - 4 points
2 cups coffee (black) - 0 points
1 salad (spinach, tomato, avocado, bell pepper, crab stick, caesar vinaigrette) - 3 points
1 serving Bolthouse juice - 4 points
1 granola bar - 3 points
1 serving gorgonzola topped chips - 5 points
1/2 chicken panini - 8 points
2 Tom Collins - 12 points (4 pts each and 1 was a double)
1 light beer - 3 points
TOTAL - 42 points

1 Cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese - 13 points
1 salad (crab, tomato, bell pepper, light vinaigrette) - 3 points
2 light beers - 6 points
2 pieces pizza - 13 points
3 light beers - 9 points
1 serving hummus and pita chips - 5 points
TOTAL - 49 points

1 egg white omelette (ham, cheese, mushroom) - 12 points
1 serving grits - 3 points
2 Tom Collins - 8 points
2 Bud 55 beers - 4 points
1 serving corned beef and cabbage - 8 points
4 regular beers - 20 points
1 shot whiskey - 4 points
TOTAL - 59 points

1 Greek yogurt  - 4 points
2 cups coffee (black) - 0 points
1 small bowl of Pho Tai - 4 points
1 bubble tea with tapioca - 4 points
1 green bell pepper - 0 points
1 cup egg drop soup - 2 points
1 serving General Tso's chicken - 4 points
3 piece crab rangoon - 5 points
3 piece dumplings - 5 points
1 light beer - 3 points
TOTAL - 31 points

1 serving oatmeal - 4 points
1 cup coffee (black) - 0 points
1 cup egg drop soup - 2 points
1 serving General Tso's chicken - 4 points
1 WW ice cream cone - 2 points
1 Diet Coke - 0 points
1 green bell pepper - 0 points
1 piece pepperoni pizza - 8 points
1 small spinach salad (no meat/cheese, light dressing) - 4 points
1 light beer - 3 points
TOTAL - 27 points

Now, my first weekend was a disaster - I counted points, but I splurged too much on alcohol - this was a wake-up call for me, since I used ALL of my weekly points in 3 days, plus 14 more. NOT. GOOD. But it was a holiday weekend (for a holiday that is largely about drinking), so I am cutting myself a tiny bit of slack.

So I began this week anew. I used 2 weekly points on Monday. Also, my dinner tonight is projected, and I might (read: probably will!) have 2 beers with dinner, which will put me 1 point over. That's cool, I am riding tonight, so I have 6 more points today (if I want them).

They urge you to eat all of your points (or really close to it), because if you way undereat, you will stop losing weight, or you won't lose in a healthy way. You HAVE to have a reasonable, healthy plan for weight loss, or your body will suffer. Personally, I am going to try to save the weekly points for the weekend (since I clearly lose my mind on the weekend) - I have a much easier time sticking to my 29 points on workdays, so I plan to be a little more strict with myself on those. Still, if I want to use them, I can. For this week, I have 47 weekly points left (I start my WW week on Monday morning). There is a learning curve, obviously - I don't expect to be perfect. The biggest selling point to me is the flexibility of the diet and the idea of retraining your idea of "healthy" choices.

Anyway, this long (and probably boring) post serves the purpose of telling y'all what I'm doing...now why?

I have mentioned before that I love competition and I love to win. My office has started our own "biggest loser" competition...we all paid in $20, and whoever loses the largest percentage wins. If I reach my goal, I will be down 15 percent, which could get me the title.

The main reason, though, is that I have put on "winter weight," and it's not cute. This is partly from lack of exercise - I like outdoor activities, but I hate being cold - and partly from my love of comfort food. I am filling out my pants a little more than I am comfortable with, and I want to feel better in my clothes. It's less about the number on the scale (although that is the measuring tool most commonly used) and more about staying in my size 4 pants. Also, 3 months from now, I will be in Florida, and your girl wants to look good. When you're as pale as I am, you gotta be pretty fit, since you aren't gonna be tan enough to hide it. FACT.

That's all, folks. I am really trying to be interesting enough to blog, I promise. This weekend is semi-finals, though, so all of my attention is aimed that way. Fingers crossed!

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