Friday, March 15, 2013

Blog Fog and Weighty Matters

Oh, dear readers, I have been a bad, bad blogger! I have disappeared into a blog fog for a week - for that, I apologize. Now I have returned, and I will give y'all the rundown on what's been going on, Fast Five Friday style!

1) Boyfriend and Homegirl have been sick.
For like a week. And neither would go to the doctor. It's frustrating, but Super Sweet Man is too cute to get mad at! So is Homegirl.

2) Riding....hasn't been happening.
I finally got in a lesson last night - my first one since regionals 12 days ago. According to my coach, we're "dressing you up for semis." But she said I don't embarrass her. Winning.

3) Homeslice shed.
My boa dropped her skin, after being in shed for like 2 weeks. And Miss Thing is HUNGRY. Feeding her this weekend.

This is you now....

4) I started Weight Watchers.
Now, before folks go railing on me or anyone for wanting to lose weight (I've already heard "you don't need to do that!"), if someone wants to lose weight, and they don't take it to extremes or have a history of eating disorders or do it in an extremely unhealthy way, LEAVE THEM ALONE and be supportive. I have set a goal, and I will be sticking to this plan like the 2 New Year's resolutions I have kept. Constant vigilance! Plus I get to eat delicious things like this salad:
Only 3 points - and YUMMY!

5) My cousin graduated from medical school!
AND she matched to where she wanted to go!! Yay, Dr. Meh-Meh! (a nickname, not her real name) She probably plans to do something like this for a little while:

That's all I have for today, folks! I'll be back next week!

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