Thursday, March 28, 2013

I'm a Terrible Blogger...

Ruh-roh, I disappeared again! I've been traveling non-stop, so I've barely been home to perform any home economics! But today, I've got a few quick tips for you:

1. Pet-sit for your friends whenever possible. This is just good karma.

2. Pet stains resulting from pet sitting? Get you some Arm&Hammer Pet Fresh Carpet Powder, put it on the stain, spray with vinegar (it mixes with the baking soda in the powder and will fizz), then blot it up. (or use a carpet cleaner (like a Bissell Green Machine) with vinegar as solution and spray over the powder)

3. NEVER go grocery shopping without a list. Bad things will happen.

4. Don't wash all of your work pants and your spanx at the same time. You'll have to wear a sweater-dress with leggings, and you won't have your spanx to hold it all in. This is happening to me today.

5. Make time to spend with your family. If you're fighting with your family, unless it's something really serious, STOP IT. They love you, and you love them, now be an adult.

I'll get back to you tomorrow (I hope) with a recipe, and you know I'll be cleaning after my guests are back with their father - they are wearing themselves out making messes!

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