Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Soul Mates

Hello again, readers! This is not a real post, more anecdotal evidence of the true nature of my friendship with my Homegirl, Mags.

Actual text conversation today:

Mags: So Saigon at noon?

Me: Indeed

Mags: Yay. K.

Me: I love you but you can be hilariously hypercritical so I have to preface our lunch with the following:
1. I spilled coffee on my original outfit for today. It was a cute one.
2. I was running late so I threw on the first thing I grabbed in my closet.
3. Yes I know my bra is sorta showing thru my dress and the skirt is a little short for work.
4. The humidity killed my hair today.
5. I am hangry so let's just eat.

Mags: Shhh
I was planning on not talking today. Lol
I spilled coffee on my black shirt 3 days ago. Still wearing it.

Me: Soul effing mates.

LOVE this girl!

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