Friday, January 18, 2013

Fast Five Friday!

Welcome to Fast Five Friday! Here I will run down 5 quick and handy tips to make your life easier, solve common problems, or give me an excuse to take a ridiculous photo! Let's go!

1) Candle wax spilled on carpet or fabric? NO PROBLEM! Take a Bounty paper towel (seriously, they are the best) and place it over the spilled wax. Now press the paper towel with a medium heat iron. The wax will melt and the paper towel will absorb it. Easy peasy!  (Also works on walls if you can't scrape them)

Henry is unconcerned.
Speaking my love language!

2) Lost an earring on the floor? Put either a sock, tights, or panty hose over the hose on your vacuum and either hold it tight or secure it with a rubber band. Now use the covered hose to vacuum in the area where you think you dropped it! Also works on contact lenses (panty hose recommended for contacts).
It's not rocket science!

3) Oily face out in public? If you don't carry blotting sheets (the store brands are cheap and work well), you can use a disposable toilet seat cover from the bathroom - hey, it beats being shiny! Blot away!

A viable substitute.

4) Stinky sink?  Think LAVA! Go back to your 3rd grade science project - baking soda and vinegar will bubble the stink right out of your sink! (Red food coloring optional!)
Have some fun!

5) Hair smells like smoke? Hey there, party animal! For a quick fix after a night out at a smoky bar, grab a dryer sheet. Rub it through your locks and notice a significant decrease in your resemblance to an ashtray!
I love it when my hair is outdoor fresh!

Have a good weekend, y'all! Monday we'll be discussing how to turn a few, seemingly random, ingredients into dinner on the fly!

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  1. I love all of these - especially the lost contact bit. Genius.